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Sensor development status and future prospects

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Industrial Abstract: the development of modern science and technology, more and more inseparable from the sensor applications, mobile phones, and the automation of production lines are required, and occupy an important position.

In modern industrial production, automated production process, use a variety of sensors to monitor and control the various parameters of the production process, the equipment work and achieve the best quality in the normal state or the best state. Therefore we can say, not many good sensor, modern production loses the foundation.

In the study of basic disciplines, the sensor is more prominent position. The development of modern science and technology, into many new areas: example macro to observe the vast universe of thousands of light years away, up to hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of celestial bodies observed small to world of fm particles, to observe longitudinal micro short to s instant reaction. Also an important role in a variety of extreme deepen the physical understanding, and to develop new energy, new materials technology research, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra high pressure, ultra-high vacuum, the powerful magnetic field, and the ultra-weak magnetic field. Obviously, to get a large number of human senses can not directly obtain the information, did not adapt sensor is impossible. Many science-based barriers, first lies in the object information acquisition difficulties, and the emergence of a new mechanism and high-sensitivity detection sensor, often lead to the breakthrough in the field. The development of a number of sensors, often a pioneer in the development of a number of interdisciplinary.

The sensor has high professional, in addition to the international first-tier manufacturers, Honeywell, Bosch, STMicroelectronics, MEAS and other companies have a more comprehensive sensor category, the rest of the company is basically concentrated in certain segments, such as ABB's sensor The product is suitable for the power industry, the Freescale product is in the field of automotive electronics and consumer electronics.

Currently, our sensors can completely domestic species only about more than 6000 kinds worldwide, there are more than 20,000 kinds of sensors, the type is far from meeting the needs of the domestic production and life, and many high-end products in the field also requires a lot of import or imports.

, Chinese sensor industry is at a critical stage of development from the traditional to the new sensor, it reflects the general trend of the development of new sensor miniaturization, multi-functional, digital, intelligent, systematic and network. Sensor technology after years of development, the development of technology in general can be divided into three generations:

The first generation of structure-type sensor, which uses the changes in the structure parameters to feel and transforming signals; second generation is on the 70's developed a solid-type sensor, such a sensor is constituted by a semiconductor, a dielectric, a magnetic material, and other solid components, is the use of materials made of certain characteristics. : Thermoelectric effect, Hall effect, photosensitive effect, respectively, made of thermocouple sensors, Hall sensors, light sensors; third-generation sensors after just developed smart sensors, micro-computer technology and detection technology combination of the product, so that the sensor has a certain AI.

Future sensor development will follow the basis of the application of the two attachment:

The basis of attachment, is attached to the four cornerstones of the sensing mechanism, sensitive materials, process equipment and measurement technology refers to the development of sensor technology. Sensitive mechanism vastly different, sensitive variety of materials, process equipment of the same measurement techniques vary widely, without the support of the four cornerstones sensor technology unsustainable.

Application attached to the sensor technology is essentially the application of technology, market development and more dependent on the detection device and the application of the automatic control system, in order to truly reflect the additional benefits and the formation of a real market. That the development of sensor technology to the market-oriented, the implementation of demand traction.