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Sensor promote hydropower plant generating capacity

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Polaris hydro Network News: modern, large-scale hydroelectric power plant equipment requirements are quite strict, for some of our large-scale hydropower plant is basically asked to do intelligent monitoring and management. Intelligent monitoring and management need to select the level of management equipment to manipulate, where the sensor is the most important one of the monitoring equipment in the hydroelectric power plant. In the construction of a large hydroelectric power plant in order to improve the overall efficiency and equipment reliability, the sensor on the need to have a very high demand.

Hydroelectric power is a complex process. In order to generate a stable current, turbine must rely on a stable flow rate. Linear displacement sensor control the flow rate played a decisive role, equipped with a linear displacement sensor selection of turbine environment is beautiful and has a water level drop and sustainable source of water spewing its hydropower will be able to ensure the sustainable development of the hydraulic. Here to select the linear displacement position sensor requirements are very important points: the first is the high reliability and strong anti-interference ability. Quite hydroelectric equipment, such electromagnetic interference voltage sensor is very small impact in order to achieve accurate measurements. The second is the sensor must meet the requirements of accuracy and speed of use and convenient, suitable for power plant maintenance special environment. Actual work, often due to the harsh environment of hydro-generating unit of four guide bearings, platinum resistance wire is broken, so the need for the root of the platinum resistance wire with a special protection to prevent the generator sets during the rotation, sump impurities in it constantly impact.

Nowadays, domestic displacement sensor also has the characteristics with high accuracy, can provide μm level precision. The analog output can be detected to the hydraulic cylinder stroke to start the control valve to achieve the precise control of the purpose of the guide vanes. Through the watercourse water level to measure the guide vane is precisely controlled, in order to ensure the water level constant. With the displacement sensor hydroelectric plant power generation can effectively enhance the power increase hydroelectric generating capacity also will be greatly improved. Sensor in the current hydroelectric continues to increase, with the development of sensors, and raise the level of science and technology, more and better sensors will continue to emerge, so that the level of automation of the plant will be further improved.