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The high-end sensor in the high-growth "tipping point"

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Domestic enterprises have occupied in the mature sensor products cost and technical advantages, the domestic enterprises in the field of high-end products (photoelectric sensors, infrared sensors, speed sensors, acceleration sensors, GIS, sensors, etc.) has been a breakthrough technology threshold, in the promotion of pre- Once successful breakthrough in the market, and will usher in yet another high-speed growth.

The sensor has high professional, in addition to the international first-tier manufacturers, Honeywell, Bosch, STMicroelectronics, MEAS and other companies have a more comprehensive sensor category, the rest of the company is basically concentrated in certain segments, such as ABB's sensor The product is suitable for the power industry, the Freescale product is in the field of automotive electronics and consumer electronics, Vishay concentrated in the area of ??industrial weighing. Also the case in domestic companies, Hanwei Electronics (11.990,0.15,1.27%) product as a gas sensor, the Xiaogan laborers high management products primarily for the temperature sensor.

Gas sensors, in 2011 the Chinese market capacity of about 11 million, Hanwei Electronic leading domestic gas sensor, sold 6.5 million, about 60% of the domestic market share, the company adhere to the "Focus on the development of the professional market segments." strategy, through years of efforts, has mastered the semiconductor type sensors, catalytic combustion gases sensor, electrochemical type sensors, infrared optical class gas sensor production technology and mass production, is only able to produce these four major categories of gas sensors gas sensor technology to maintain the leading domestic. Its products and solutions have been widely recognized in the market, mainly used for the detection and monitoring of combustible gases, toxic and harmful gases and specialty gases. The company said gas sensor market will be deep plowing, and vigorously develop and expand the market in the field of gas monitoring sensor in the field of gas market in the next three years is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of more than 15% per annum. The proportion of the entire sensor market gas sensors accounted for less than 3%, the development of a relatively limited space, the company is not satisfied only in the field of gas sensors expand, turn open up the temperature sensor market. Recent years, R & D and production pyroelectric sensor, 2011 sales had reached more than 300 million, contributed revenue of about 500 million more smoothly, such as business development, able to achieve more than 100% growth is expected in the next few years.

Temperature sensor aspects, laborers new high management is the domestic largest manufacturer, currently its temperature sensor production can be in more than 700 million, in the field of home air conditioning sensor domestic market share expected 70%, the company built the Ministry of Education sensitive ceramic engineering research center, etc. national research institutions, the company's products with international competitiveness, LG, Samsung [microblogging], Midea, Gree and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad are the company's core customers, due to the demand for inverter air conditioner products such as sensors traditional products - 3 times, future sensors in the home appliance market is expected to remain 10% -20% of the steady growth. Technology research and development in recent years to expand the high-end market, actively enter the automotive sensor market, the car temperature sensor price 6 yuan, much higher than the appliance sensor products, car manufacturers of high-end brands in the company's products through certification and the formation volume shipments, its earnings prospects will be very impressive.

High-end sensor field, China is at the stage of technical threshold has been exceeded, the the market threshold upcoming breakthrough, some companies certain breakthrough in photoelectric sensors, infrared sensors, speed sensors, acceleration sensors, GIS sensors, such as Suzhou solid technetium (4.16, -0.08, -1.89%), the acceleration sensor, thermal sensor avionics test (14.600, -0.77, -5.01%), but has not yet formed the scale of the support and promotion of national policy, the sensor industry in China will get the high-speed growth