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EM18 photoelectric sensor
EM18 photoelectric sensor

1) The diffuse reflection detection distance over 2m
2) Feedback reflex detection up to 15m
3) Penetration detection distance up to 50m
4) Screw column, using H6 metal copper material
5) High anti-interference, with a sensitivity regulator


ER photoelectric sensor
ER photoelectric sensor

1) compact size, easy to install, high sensitivity to detect objects,use on logistics equipment
2) Diffuse type, feedback type, transmission type for choices of customers, long detection distance
3) For effecting characteristics of the object detected, widely used in electronics industry, food and beverage industry, packaging and logistics industry
4) To replace any photoelectric sensor
5) Temperature resistance, vibration proof, stable performance, ac


E50 Photoelectric Switch
E50 Photoelectric Switch

1) Diffuse reflection distance, up to 2 meters detection distance
2) The inner hidden type photoelectric sensor, small size, easy to install
3) With E50 diffuse reflective performance, but feedback reflex detection distance
4) Protection class IP54, garage special type


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