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Capacitance Proximity Switch

Product category: Capacitance Proximity Switch
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Overall dimensions



Outward appearance code CM18 CM30
 Flush Detection distance 0-5mm 0-10mm
DC  10~30VDC NPN NO CM18-D1NA05 CM30-D1NA10
NC CM18-D1NB05 CM30-D1NB10
NO+NC CM18-D1NC05 CM30-D1NC10
PNP NO CM18-D1PA05 CM30-D1PA10
NC CM18-D1PB05 CM30-D1PB10
NO+NC CM18-D1PC05 CM30-D1PC10
AC 90~250 VAC SCRControl- lable silicon  NO CM18-A2A05 CM30-A2A10
NC CM18-A2B05 CM30-A2B10
 Non- Flush Detection distance 0-8mm 0-15mm
DC  10~30VDC NPN NO CM18-D1NA08 CM30-D1NA15
NC CM18-D1NB08 CM30-D1NB15
NO+NC CM18-D1NC08 CM30-D1NC15
PNP NO CM18-D1PA08 CM30-D1PA15
NC CM18-D1PB08 CM30-D1PB15
NO+NC CM18-D1PC08 CM30-D1PC15
AC  90~250 VAC SCR Control- lable silicon  NO CM18-A1A08 CM30-A2A15
NC CM18-A1B08 CM30-A2B15
Detectable object

conductor and dielectric body

Consumption current

DC (NPN, PNP) type 8 mA at 12V, 15 mA at 24V, AC type: 10 mA the following DC < 15 mA, AC < 10 mA

Output current DC:≤200mA AC:≤200mA
Output voltage dropDC/AC DC (NPN, PNP) 3 V the following,AC type: 7 V the following, DC < 3 V, AC < 7 V
DC/AC Response frequency DC:50Hz,AC:10Hz
Shell material ABS Resin,Metal
Working environment temperature -25℃~70℃
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ
Protection grade IEC standard IP65
Altemative model at home and abroad LJC18A3-□□ E2K-X15M □
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