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Of Things the New Deal the fetal movement Nuggets sensor stocks[ 04-17 12:55 ]
Recent frequent voice on China will launch the development of the Internet of Things industry guidance, and this policy will be related to finance, taxation, investment policy co-ordination. Have expected to speed development of China's Internet of Things...
Sensor development status and future prospects[ 04-17 12:55 ]
Industrial Abstract: the development of modern science and technology, more and more inseparable from the sensor applications, mobile phones, and the automation of production lines are required, and occupy an important position. In modern industrial prod...
The high-end sensor in the high-growth "tipping point"[ 04-17 12:54 ]
Domestic enterprises have occupied in the mature sensor products cost and technical advantages, the domestic enterprises in the field of high-end products (photoelectric sensors, infrared sensors, speed sensors, acceleration sensors, GIS, sensors, etc.) h
Internet of things new round of large potential demand for the development of fetal movement sensor industry[ 04-17 12:53 ]
Internet of things, also known as the sensor network was first proposed in the 1999 Mobile Computing and Networking International Conference, has become one of the most potential industry. In 2012, the market scale of China's Internet of Things industry r...
Sensor promote hydropower plant generating capacity[ 04-17 12:52 ]
Polaris hydro Network News: modern, large-scale hydroelectric power plant equipment requirements are quite strict, for some of our large-scale hydropower plant is basically asked to do intelligent monitoring and management. Intelligent monitoring and mana...
No lens sensor was successfully developed in the United States[ 01-17 12:56 ]
Background: Recently, engineers at Duke University (Duke University) developed a metamaterial image sensor, without a lens to take pictures. The sensor is actually a a flexible copper plate, also accompanied able to capture different frequencies of light ...
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